R.J. Hunter says bye-bye to social media

He may only be a 22-year-old rookie, but R.J. Hunter is already showing a level of maturity off the court, in regards to social media:

Per Mass Live's Jay King:

When you are hot, Twitter is on you. When you are down, Twitter is killing you. I need balance in my life and that's not it. So I'm off of it. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. I'm done with it. I'm locked in

Those are encouraging words from an athlete who is growing up in a such a world centered around tweeting and posting to Facebook. I'm 33-years-old and don't want to know what I would have been like if I had access to certain social media outlets and apps as guy in his early twenties, (I'm talking to you Tinder). I had a tough enough time getting my Instant Messenger and MySpace game on.

Factor in the added pressure of being an athlete where everything you say and do can be dissected and taken out of context. It just shows how Twitter and other forums can do more harm than good.

As a Celtics fan your last memory of Paul George was him torching the green for 26 points Wednesday night, but in the past he has made a few dumb remarks, regarding Ray Rice for the whole world to see.

Or in the case of Bulls' rookie Bobby Portis, who took heat for a tweet he made four years prior to getting drafted by Chicago this past June:

Let's not forget when Charlie Villanueva thought it was a brilliant idea to tweet during a game:

Those are just a few examples where Twitter goes wrong. So R.J. keep doing what you're doing and stay off your phone, and ignore the urge to rekindle your love to tweet and take pictures for Instagram. As fans, all we want to see is that smooth jumper on a nightly basis.

Photo credit: Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

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