Pacers play small ball (video), Brad Stevens is a little jealous

Marc D'Amico and Amanda Pflugrad preview tonight's Celtics-Pacers game in Indianapolis and discuss the Pacers' small-ball lineups:

Brad Stevens also spoke about Indiana's style of play this morning:

More from Stevens via King at Mass Live:

I like the way (the Pacers are) playing. It's one of my favorite ways. They've got four shooting guys that are athletes that can drive it or shoot it on the floor at once. And it's hard to guard.

When we played really well last year we had a lot of similar things going here. And so as we try to figure ourselves out, I think that's one of the things that certainly as you're getting ready to defend a team like this, that's a real challenge.

Maybe we'll get to see the Jae Crowder/Jonas Jerebko frontcourt lineup tonight?

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