Cup of Joe. Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

And so it begins. After months of speculation, scanning articles in search for some form confirmation from the internet's basketball scribes that this team, the Island of Misfit Toys, could actually be good we're here. Finally, we shift from conjecture to... trying not to jump the gun on early-results. Hey, it's a start.

Let's shift from pre-season predictions and go to the lone-standing question: What poor soul has the task of following Rajon Rondo's electric pre-season speech (featured above) from 2014-2015?! Avery Bradley is the longest tenured Celtic player, but I'm not 100% sure he talks? I mean, I know we see quotes form him, but I'm not ready to rule out the fact that he's just handwriting his answers down in a tethered notebook.

Marcus Smart's clearly got the most potential on the team, and is a born-leader but he's still young. Amir seems like he'll be the team's leader, b/c, well, he's the man, but he's yet to play a game for the Celtics. Same w/ 'The White Owl' David Lee.

So I'm pretty sure that leaves us with local celebrities. And that leaves us with three logical options:
  1. Alma Wahlberg
  2. Soeone who knows Michael Chiklis
  3. Keytar Bear

Start Your Morning Off With... Pau Gasol, the new face of fear

Mailin' It in

A new segment, where a CelticsLife writer and I email back and forth

MattDotRich: Brenton, the season starts tonight. Obviously, a good deal of thought and discussion has gone on about the Celtics. But is there a player (or storyline) that you think isn't being discussed enough, and why?

And if there isn't, well, we're off to a terrible start because that's kind of the point of the email?

Brenton Bauerle: I think Evan Turner has really flown under the radar in the preseason, although I can understand why at least to a degree. I have never been a huge fan of his game -- despite good vision, he turns the ball over too much, and his jumper leaves a lot to be desired -- but he played major minutes last year and I just dont see how he fits this year. He's the only non-shooting wing on the entire team, and that will really cramp spacing. I genuinely wonder if he fits with this roster, only a year after he was arguably its MVP.

MDR: It's weird. He is just kind of there, huh? Not necessarily apart of our future plans, but also not really a valuable trade asset either.

But I disagree with you a little on this. Not that I'm going to buy myself a Turner jersey or go to a Halloween party as some kind of Extra-Terrestrial / Evan Turner E.T mashup, but I do see an offensive fit. Stevens' offense calls for a lot of side to side ball movement with a lot of pick and rolls. Which is why I think you keep hearing him say something to the effect of 'You can't have enough playmakers.' The more playmakers on the floor, the more spots he can run pick and roll from.

Let me ask you this - and I kinda feel like I can guess your answer here - who'd you rather his minutes go to?

BB: First off, the Garden needs a video of Turner's postgame interviews to play right before tip -- the man's voice sounds like Alvin the chipmunk got spliced with a human being, and it is truly terrifying. As for Turner's minutes, at this point I think they are better soaked up by Hunter or Young, or even Jerebko. I said it in my season preview and I'll say it until they prove me wrong: these Celtics are nothing but a middling team unless they can squeeze quality shooting out of this roster.

MDR: I'd love to be wrong here, but I don't think James Young is anywhere near ready to play regular minutes for this team today. In fact, if I'm Ainge I'm looking to combine him with another player in a trade.

Not that I don't think he'll ever pan out, I just don't think it's going to be w/ this team. Certainly not on his rookie deal - He's just so young, so raw, and so, so far away in so many different ways.

What do you think, Brenton? Am I being too harsh on the young fella

BB: How can we really know if he doesn't play? Young has drawn raves for his defensive improvement, and he may already be an upgrade over turner, whose D has never equated with his athletic ability. Young may never play major minutes in green -- he is an enticing trade chip, and Ainge has never hung up the phone on anyone -- but with Smart and Thomas around to handle playmaking duties, he may just serve more of a purpose than Turner does at the moment. And who knows?