COJ: Olynyk & Ainge Viewing Party Sounds Like It Got Pretty Lit

Crack open a caffeine free pepsi! Puncture a capri sun hole! KELLY OLYNYK AND DANNY AINGE IN THE HOUSE AND THIS PLACE IS BOUT TO GET LIT AF!!!

Barred from attending his team's home opener after very deliberately dislocating Kevin Love's shoulder cuz he felt like it, the Celtics resident Bad Boy, Kelly Olynyk decided to head on down to Danny Ainge(presumably the stylish one of the group)'s crib to throw, what certainly sounds like, the viewing party of the cench.

“It was good,” Olynyk said of watching the game with Ainge. “I mean, he knows the game of basketball. He’s an intellectual guy, especially toward the game of basketball, so you can learn a lot from him.”
Source: NESN, surprisingly not Baller Alert's instagram.

Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh! Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh! If the parties where you're at let me hear you say 'Intellectual basketball talk!'

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