Brad Stevens gets a T, doesn't need help from Floyd Mayweather

I just ignored Floyd Mayweather. Form a wall around me and link arms, I don't want to die.
A rare occurrence happened in the NBA last night. Brad Stevens got a technical foul! I haven't crunched the numbers, but I'm pretty sure it's rarer than that blood moon thing people seemed to enjoy so much. He earned this one because he came onto the court to communicate his displeasure with what he saw as a missed call against Boston.

It was only Brad's second technical of his NBA career, and first since February of 2014, when he was ejected vs. the Sacremento Kings. You might remember that one because of the strange goodbye wave he gave before leaving the court.

Getting a technical foul wasn't even the most badass thing Stevens did last night.'s Jay King reports that, according to Isaiah Thomas, Floyd Mayweather tried to give Stevens some advice from his courtside seat and Brad took a hard pass.

"It's funny because at halftime he pointed at Brad to come here like he was about to tell Brad something," Thomas said. "Brad was like, nah, I'm good."

The guy gets a technical foul in a preseason game, and then ignores boxing champion Floyd Mayweather? What got into him? He ignores one of the most dangerous men on the planet? If you've never seen 6 feet and 180 lbs of balls, google image Brad Stevens from last night.

What could Floyd possibly have thought he could tell Stevens? My best guess is something like "Hey Coach! Try laying back and leaving all 5 guys on defense. Take a shot once in awhile if you have to, but if at all possible make this borderline unwatchable by not participating in offense. Also, if you have any rivals just don't play against them until they are past their prime and no longer a threat."

I don't know what was up with Brad, but the man was walking around with new haircut confidence. Don't mess with this man NBA, last night was your warning.

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