Danny Ainge is planning on the Celtics playing 100 games this year

"Man, I hope they don't realize I'm talking about Bourre" 

Danny Ainge was on The Sports Hub's Toucher and Rich show this morning, and among other things let it be known that the Celtics have plans on playing 100 games this season.

First of all, thank you to Rich for being on sports talk radio and actually caring about the Celtics. Now that that's out of the way, I need Danny to be more specific. Are we talking about NBA basketball games here? Our Connect 4 wizard is gone, so hopefully we are.

Also, I am assuming that includes the Celtics 7 preseason games, because if not, he is hoping and planning for a run into the Eastern Conference Finals. That would be delusional, especially if Ainge is done making moves with the roster. Including preseason is a little more realistic. That would be 11 games minimum in the playoffs, meaning we are hoping and planning to win at least a first round playoff matchup.

The comment on needing a full roster to make a run like that, while not entirely always true, is 100% true for this team. Lacking a LeBron James to carry the Matthew Dellavedova's of the world on a playoff run, the Celtics need a deep roster full of players that are better than the Dellavedova's, ideally demonstrably better. Since the Celtics have a football team of guaranteed contracts right now, it is clear that depth is their goal, and best hope to improve for the upcoming 2015-16 season.

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