ESPN #NBArank pegs R.J. Hunter C's best youngster besides Marcus Smart, who will be No. 2 on team

ESPN has revealed spots 251-300 and 301-400 of their 2015-16 NBA player rankings.  Here's a screen shot of what we know so far about the Celtics:

While all of the numbers are not yet out, it's pretty clear that this is the order everybody is ranked in.  I'm guessing C's fans will love Marcus Smart's No. 2 position on the team, but may not be so enthused with Kelly Olynyk being rated Boston's fourth-best player.  Evan Turner could have a gripe after his strong play last year, but the reality is he's probably in the right place.

These rankings might have some relevance as they get closer to the top, but in the 300s they're basically meaningless.  What measure could ESPN possibly use to determine that R.J. Hunter is currently a better NBA player than Perry Jones or James Young, who already have experience in the league?  And what gives Hunter (drafted 28th overall) a better position than Terry Rozier (drafted 16th)?

For all we know, Jordan Mickey, who didn't crack the list, could wind up being the Celtics' best rookie.

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