Isaiah Thomas and Jared Sullinger tweet about NBA2K16 likeness

The NBA 2K series is pretty legit. This season, 2K even did body scans of players to create realistic renderings of their appearance in the game. So it comes as no surprise that Celtics Isaiah Thomas and Jared Sullinger are blown away by their portraits in the game.

Can you tell the difference? Well, his chest seems a bit bigger than real life, but definitely a great replication of the forward. 2K might have to make some changes though as Sullinger has been dropping pounds like crazy this off-season but when you're posting up in the lane with him in 2K, I can bet you won't be able to tell real-life Sully from video game Sully. Jared snagged a 77 rating which is the highest announced rating for any of the forwards on the Celtics so far, but one point lower than his 78 starting the 14-15 campaign.

Isaiah really impressed me. While there is no side-by-side comparison, it's insane how much effort they put in to making each player identical to their appearance on the court. They even nailed every one of his tattoos! Clearly, while Isaiah is excited about the game, though, he isn't pleased with his rating. Last year he started the season as an 80 and probably deserves a bit more than a one point jump after his great work with the C's.

Boston fans will be able to enjoy the realistic renditions of their favorite players on the Celtics when NBA 2K16 is released in the end of September.