Every Celtic led the league in something last year

Just when you were starting to regret the Celtics four-game sweep in the playoffs, you find something like this and they totally redeem themselves!

According to a Celtics Reddit page, each player on the 2014-2015 Celtics led the league in a particular category.

Marcus Smart led all rookies in three-point attempts per game with 4.1.

Avery Bradley has the highest percent of points scored from midrange out of guards with 41-plus games played and play over 30 minutes a game with 34 percent. He beat out the likes of Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Jose Calderon and DeMar DeRozan.

One of the Celtics more surprising player last season, Evan Turner, tied Rajon Rondo at his own stat; the most triple doubles while averaging less than 10 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists on the year with 3.

Before the All Star Break and the fat shaming began, Jared Sullinger led the league in offensive rebounds with players who shoot three or more three pointers a game.

Out of centers who shot over 100 attempts from mid-range, Tyler Zeller had the best percentage with 51.5 percent.

Kelly Olynyk had the most three-point attempts out of centers coming off the bench with 2.8.

The advanced stats went hard against Brandon Bass who led the league in lowest total plus/minus out of players to win 40 or more games with a whopping -180 (Jeff Green was 3rd on this list).

In 32 games played, Gerald "Crash" Wallace averaged a stunning 1.09 PPG. Out of players who scored less than 50 total points, Wallace played the most minutes (286) while in that time only scoring 35 points.

This stat is probably the least shocking out of the group because without even saying it we know that Isaiah Thomas was the Celtics best player last year. Out of guards coming off the bench post All Star Break, he led the league in second half points averaging 10.7.

Phil Pressey had the most points in the league with a plus/minus of 0 dropping a total of 177 points. 

No bench forward with 500+ MP and +/- greater than zero post the All Star Game had a better three-point percentage than Jonas Jerebko with 40.6%.

Gigi Datome is about to put Turkey on blast after having the best total plus/minus out of NBA players who played less than 300 minutes with +68.

The most impressive stat comes from rookie James Young who had the highest total plus/minus in clutch situations without recording a single point, assist or rebound. A truly impressive feat by the Kentucky product.

And finally, the now Twitter-lessJae Crowder had the fewest turnovers out of any player in the league who played all 82 games with 49. Twenty less than the second place finisher Terrence Ross. No wonder the C's signed him to a 5 year $35 million deal.

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