Markieff Morris wants out of Phoenix, should Celtics try and buy low?

Markieff Morris doesn't want to play for the Phoenix Suns anymore. The Suns unloaded his twin brother Marcus to clear salary during their pursuit of Lamarcus Aldridge. Marcus was not happy. Markieff wasn't thrilled with how the trade went down either, and now wants to punch his ticket out of town. The Philly Inquirer reports the issue is one of disrespect, as the Morris twins both took less money and four year deals to stay with the Suns. Markieff made himself crystal clear about his future in Phoenix:

"One thing for sure, I am not going to be there," Morris said Tuesday after a morning workout at Competitive Edge Sports in King of Prussia. "If you want to put that out there, you can put that out." he added. "I don't give a [freak]. I am not going to be there at all. That's just what it is.

Markieff doesn't give a freak. Rumors about Markieff's disenchantment with the Suns organization have been brewing over the last week, and there was this tweet from Keef himself.

FOE, of course, means "Family Over Everything," which is also something that both brothers tattoed on their left arm and take very seriously. The previous link also includes details about how the Suns considered Marcus to be "Markieff's battery" and ends with an odd story from their mom about making decisions with video games and buying Marcus a swivel chair. That article pre-dates the alleged assault at a Phoenix recreation center after a man allegedly sent inappropriate texts to the twins' mother.

So, should the Celtics jump on a 25 year-old malcontent with a super enmeshed family that has an aggravated assault charge working it's way through the court system?


Here's the thing, Markieff Morris can play. And he's on a more than reasonable 8m/year deal through the 2018-2019 season. At 6'10", he's strong enough to guard centers, and can really finish in the pick and roll. He's hit some tough turnaround jumpers against the Celtics, he's solid in mid-range, and can hit the occasional three. Morris put up 15 points, 6 boards a game last year in his first year as a starter. The way he carries himself on the court is probably best described as "mean-spirited". He's basically an already-very-much-in-shape version of Jared Sullinger with a chip on his shoulder. That's something Celtics fans might be able to get behind.

But the man has all of the baggage. Take away the off the court stuff and his on court his behavior is not great. He tied for the league lead in technicals with a Rasheed Wallace-esque 15. Keef is basically a walking red flag.

If the Celtics still had a true all-time alpha dog in the front court like Kevin Garnett, they trade for Keef in a heart beat and rely on KG's insanity to channel Keef's own craziness toward winning basketball games. With a young rebuilding team and a young coach, the C's should be a little less willing to pull the trigger on something like this, but still should for the right price. Would the Celtics prefer to waive one of their guaranteed contracts or trade Sullinger and Turner to the Suns for Markieff Morris? Tough call. I think I'd make that move.

Adding Morris would be a major test for Brad Stevens, as it's an acquisition of one of the league's biggest wildcards with the hope that he can become a decent citizen in the right conditions. If the Celtics do make a move for Markieff Morris consider it just as much a vote of confidence in Stevens' ability to maximize talent and get the best out of young players than it is of Morris' own ability to harness his talents and mature into the player he's capable of becoming.

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