Jared Sullinger looking slim and shifty at Lucas Lab

Will the real Slim Sullinger please stand up!

Sully has been working out at the Lucas Lab this off-season and this video from their Instagram account has the Celtics big man looking quick, versatile and more importantly in shape.

We seem to be seeing a new and improved Jared Sullinger this offseason and, as we wrote earlier in the offseason, we might be heading closer to that "special season" Coach John Lucas, who Jared has been working out with, predicted.

Clearly he is motivated by the comments made last year about his weight and is looking to do whatever it takes to prove Danny Ainge and Celtics fans wrong.

The early results look good.

Even beyond the weight loss, which is great, Sullinger seems driven. That is important to point out especially when we are talking about a player who has been labeled as someone who checks out on occasion.

Who knows, maybe Sully loses so much weight that he can play in the backcourt. Can never have too many guards!

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports

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