Do you agree with the NBA's 'Top 10 Celtics plays of 2014-15' video?

From the NBA's official YouTube channel, this ought to break up your basketball-less August:

Something I'll always miss about Rajon Rondo, he does stuff with the ball (like the pass at No. 9) that nobody else in the league can.

I have a bit of a gripe with the Jae Crowder shot being No. 1.  That's the jumper that clinched the seventh seed in the playoffs.  I was in the Garden that night, actively hoping Boston would lose to keep alive the possibility of matching up with Atlanta in Round 1 instead of Cleveland.  To this day, I honestly believe an eighth-seeded Celtics squad might have knocked off the top-seeded Hawks.

Tyler Zeller's game-winner is No. 1 in my book.  An incredible play call, and unbelievable patience by Zeller.  Plus, the C's were 23-35 at the time, but finished the season 17-7, beginning with that W.

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