The Celtics first round pick is very much afraid of squirrels

Hey! Great news, guys! You know the guy we picked in the first round? You know, the guy who you probably haven't heard of before who was selected as the 16th overall pick despite the fact that he was ranked as the 47th best prospect by DraftExpress? Welp, turns out he's very much afraid of squirrels!

Jeff Greer: I read that you’re scared of squirrels.

Terry Rozier: Terrified by squirrels.

JG: Like, the albino squirrel around (Louisville’s) campus, or all squirrels?

TR: Any squirrel. I almost got attacked by one when I was little.

JG: Attacked?

TR: They’re too sneaky to me. I had a hoop in the backyard and the lady that lived next door had bird food out of (a bird feeder). All of the squirrels would be over there just to eat the bird food. I never used to go out to my backyard to go hoop when there were a lot of them back there. When it broke, she took it down and it was just like, ‘Yes, I can finally go in my backyard and hoop because no more squirrels will come around.’ They’re just sneaky to me.

Source: Courier-Journal