Cup of Joe - Ainge targeted Winslow, but price too high

Danny Ainge wasn't able to get his team back into the top 10 of the 2015 draft, though that's certainly not due to to a lack of effort. Ainge spoke with multiple members of the media, stating that he was actively working the phones to try to trade down. Ultimately finding that cost to trade down was just too much.

According to Chris Forsberg, the bulk of Ainge's efforts were focused on attaining Justise Winslow w/ Charlotte's 9th pick.
The Celtics made multiple efforts to move up the draft board, including a spirited run at Charlotte's No. 9 pick when Duke's Justise Winslow lingered on the draft board. Boston ultimately settled for utilizing the four picks it entered the night with.
Source: Chris Forsberg, ESPNBoston

Charlotte, of course decided to keep the pick as they desperately needed to add Spencer Hawes' looper to their roster. Really solidifying the teams slowness and inability to defend in the front court.

Winslow's slip to the 10th overall selection (Miami Heat) will only further light the fire of Celtics fans who thought making the playoffs was a mistake. The Duke product certainly seems to have a lot of upside, and absolutely fits a glaring need for the Green. It'll be very interesting to find out what Danny thought was 'too high' for the selection.