Grading the draft: Rozier pick gets a "C" and Hunter pick a "B"

There will be a ton of NBA Draft grades posts going up in the next 24-48 hours. Yahoo Sports' Marc Spears was early to the party and he's one of the guys I definitely listen to. Not surprisingly Spears was higher on our #28 pick than our #16 pick.

16. Boston Celtics – Terry Rozier (PG, Louisville, So., 21, 6-2, 190): This was a surprising pick only because Rozier lacks an obvious NBA position. He doesn't have the pass-first mentality of a classic point guard, yet he's neither big enough, nor a consistent enough shooter to project as an elite wing. What Rozier does do well is get to the basket and defend. Perhaps that will be enough for him to carve a niche. Marc J. Spears' grade: C:

28. Boston Celtics (from Clippers) – R.J. Hunter (SG, Georgia State, Jr., 21, 6-6, 185): Boston already added a strong perimeter defender in Terry Rozier. It added a shooter to go with him. NCAA tournament darling R.J. Hunter didn't shoot a high percentage this past season, but some of that was a result of the Panthers' need for him to shoot early and often. While the wing isn't an elite athlete, he can be a weapon in the NBA as a spot-up shooter. Marc J. Spears grade: B.

SI's Chris Mannix also gave the Rozier pick a C and Hunter a B+. Obviously you can't fully judge a draft for a couple years at least, but what grades would you give Danny for Rozier and Hunter? For that matter, what about Mickey or Thornton?

Leave your full 4 grade report card in the comment section.