Chris Mannix says Willie Cauley-Stein is Celtics "dream scenario"

We've heard Danny Ainge and the Celtics like Willie Cauley-Stein, and there have been talks of them trading up for the Hornet's 9th pick to have a chance at getting him. Now, according to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, drafting Cauley-Stein is the Celtics "dream scenario" with that potential 9th pick. We knew Ainge liked the kid, but we didn't know he like liked him.

Ainge isn't alone, Cauley-Stein is so versatile defensively he could defend all front court positions without a problem, and most likely be able to switch onto guards without giving them the huge advantage in quickness or spacing they usually have against big men.

"Cauley-Stein is arguably the best defensive big man in the draft," said Mannix. "He's a mobile, active seven-footer that can bang at the post and excels at the perimeter. The pick and roll is the NBA's bread and butter play, having a center like Cauley-Stein who can stay in front of guards is invaluable.

"It's unlikely Cauley-Stein is still on the board at 16, but he is the kind of player the Celtics might consider moving up to grab."

Picturing Cauley-Stein learning the verticality rule, pogo sticking in front of our defensive goal, cleaning the glass and guarding all positions has got me pretty excited. Combine that with this "dream scenario" talk and it's enough to make me hear "Dream Weaver" every time I see or read about him coming to our Celtics.

Photo Credit: Noah K. Murray/USATODAY Sports

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