Kevin Love calls Kelly Olynyk play bush-league

If Kevin Love is ever to become a member of the Boston Celtics, it's obvious that Kelly Olynyk won't be the first person he goes out for drinks with.

Love dislocated his shoulder during Game 4 of the Cavs sweep of the Celtics, after he and Olynyk scrambled for a loose ball in the first quarter.

In his two seasons in Boston, Olynyk has never been accused of being a dirty player. His spaghetti arms and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo facial hair don't really bring fear to the opponent.

Fans can form their own opinions regarding the scrum with Love. I, for one, do not think it was intentional. Love needs to relax, and wipe his tears away.

If the Olynyk wanted to hurt anyone on purpose, his first and last target should have been Timofey Mozgov, who destroyed the Celts all series.

Brad Stevens and Olynyk's teammates came to his defense after their season ended:

Turner even joked about Olynyk's lack of boxing-out skills:

Celtics' guard Isaiah Thomas wants Love to stop his crying:

Cavs' coach David Blatt thinks it isn't in Olynyk's nature to make a bush-league play:

No word from Blatt on this classy play by Kendrick Perkins:

Last but not least, of course LeBron James has to pipe in about the Love/Olynyk play:

Let's hope the Cavs recover from the Love injury. We are all praying that LeBron, and his 65-year old man hairline, can bring a title to the sports-rich history of Cleveland. They deserve it.

Just kidding...

Let's go Bulls!

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