Celtics and Cavaliers draw a huge Game 1 rating

On Sunday, NBA fans from around the country were treated to what they yearned-for so badly, the playoff debuts of Marcus Smart and Kelly Olynyk.

What other explanation would one have for why Game 1 of the Cavs/Celtics series drew such strong ratings?

Okay, maybe it had more to do with the return of LeBron James to the playoffs as a member of the Cavs. But still, average basketball fans were able to witness, some for the first time, Olynyk and his flowing locks draining jumpers from beyond the arc.

As a die-hard C's fan it's good to see the team finally geting the exposure they deserve. Even if it has to due in large part with the self- proclaimed King of Akron returning to the postseason donning a Cavs uniform.

AP Photo/Mark Duncan

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