Avery Bradley and Evan Turner struggle in Game 1 loss

The Celtics have a very slim chance in beating the Cavs in their first round series, especially if Avery Bradley and Evan Turner are no-shows like they were in the C's 113-100 Game 1 loss.

Bradley missed seven of his ten shots, including a few air-balls that made you question if there was a breeze in the building:

Bradley is one of the few Celtics with playoff experience and the C's offense flows so much better when he is knocking down the mid-range jumper. Credit can be given to the Cavs' defense which suffocated the Celts guard all day. As the president of the Avery Bradley Fan Club I have faith that he will comeback on fire in Game 2.

Luckily it seems like he feels the same way:

Turner, like Bradley, looked like a a deer in headlights on Sunday afternoon. His shot was non-existent, hitting only four of his 12 attempts from the floor.

Turner also looked very shaky on the defensive end, especially when he was crossed-up by Kyrie Irving on the first-half buzzer beating three-pointer that swung momentum for the Cavs going into the locker room.

I also have no clue who Turner was passing the rock to here:

Well in Turner's defense the guy sitting in the front row with the white t-shirt was clearly open.

The four-year veteran still contributed seven rebounds and five assists but needs to be a threat with the ball in his hands if the C's offensive is going to get in a groove.

Expect coach Brad Stevens to find ways to get the two going quickly Tuesday night to grow both players' confidence early.

C's still in 7, don't lose faith!

Photo credit: John Kuntz

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