2014-15 Celtics did in 60 games what 2013-14 squad took all season to do

In defeating the Pelicans Friday night in New Orleans, the 2014-15 Boston Celtics accomplished a feat in 60 games that took last year's squad an entire season to do.

They won 25 games.

The coach is the same. The players are not. In fact, the current roster has only 6 players from last year's team and has used a team record 22 total bodies.

Don't quote me on this, but I think Ed Lacerte might have even spent a little time at shooting guard this year.

2013-14 was tough, largely because of the uncertainty of the health of Rajon Rondo, who didn't join the team until January 17, 2014 in a loss against the Lakers.

Wondering how the Rondo, Humphries, Babb team had fared at this same 60-game point of 2014?

20 games. They were 20-40, which is only 5 off this year's pace.

What that means, though, is that they went into a freefall to finish out the last 22 games of the season, going 5-17.

The season's edition of the Celtics appears to have a brighter future, with new addition Isaiah Thomas adding a spark and spirited ball being played under coach Brad Stevens.

Arguments can be had about whether or not the team was trying to win games near the end of last season, but for those of us looking for silver linings, 5 extra wins and a healthy trajectory should help.

Mathematically, we are simply out of contention to challenge the Chicago Bulls' record 72 wins, but a strong finish with good health could net us 35-40, which might have us playing at least 4 more games this spring.

Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

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