The return of Kevin Garnett is putting fear into the young Timberwolves

Kevin Garnett has made a career of asserting his dominance over his environment.

Victims have been competitors, basketballs, hoop supports and even his own chest. Now his future teammates are concerned.

Braden Campbell of reports that Kevin Garnett is already terrifying his new teamates.

Garnett’s impatience with nonsense, which apparently includes cell phone use on game night.

“As one of our veteran guys told our young guys yesterday, ‘Hey, listen, when KG walks in the locker room your phones better be tucked away, because if they’re not, they’re going to get thrown in the toilet on game night,’” (Flip) Saunders said.

OK. This is just funny, mostly because I'm not one of the Timberwolves. Garnett is a beast. Even though he has yet to play a game with them and won't until the next home contest on Wednesday, his arrival feels like it should be backed up by the popular riff from the movie, Jaws.

Dah, dum. Dah, dum.

The situation reminds me of a bunch of teens who've been up to no good, finally finding out their father is on the way home.

"Guys! We're 12-43! Dad's gonna be here any minute! We're dead!"

Perhaps Flip can use this to his advantage. Just chain Big Ticket to an anvil in the corner of the locker room and threaten to let him loose upon every indiscretion.

"Hey! Rubio! Log off Pinterest or I'll release Kevin!"

Obviously, Kevin Garnett's strong personality has the power to change the environment around him. It will be interesting to see whether the franchise builds something quickly after what's worthless is torn down.

Just don't expect to hear about it on game night on Twitter.

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