Marcus likes Marcus: College student and Celtics fan embedded in the state of New York

The Boston Celtics boast a rich history that began in 1946 and has continued with seventeen championships and millions of memories.

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Profile: Marcus Shelmidine, 19 year old from Lorraine, NY (Soph at Syracuse University)

My father was an avid follower of the Celtics growing up and to this day, and always hearing about Havlicek, Cowens, Bird, Red made me interested in the team and through that family lineage became attached to the team automatically. I certainly have taken his fan hood and ran with it recently, to the point where it's all I think about most days. ​

Among my favorite Celtics memories are watching the 2007 Lottery, when the Celtics had a great chance to land the 1st or 2nd pick to get Durant or Oden, only to watch the C's fall to 5th. That low point really made that entire 2007-08 season that much more special to watch and unfold knowing how Ainge turned a low point like that into a turning point.

Another favorite memory of mine is going to a Celtics/Knicks preseason game in Albany, NY in 2012. Despite the game not meaning anything and Pierce and Garnett not active, I was just blown away. After watching players like Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green, or even Chris Wilcox on television so many times, then getting to watch them in person was special and a memory I will never forget. I will be going to the Celtics/Grizzlies game in March, so I am much looking forward to welcoming back Jeff Green.

A last recent Celtics memory of mine that immediately comes to mind is when I got to watch my first Celtics game in 2010 at the Garden against the Wizards. With the Celtics winning the game relatively easily, I will never forget KG and his pre-game fist pound on his chest and Ray Allen knocking down a three right in front of me. Having watched both of those things on TV literally hundreds of times, to get to watch them happen live and with your own eyes are things that can never be replaced.

Without a question my favorite Celtics ever was Glen Davis. I remember watching his LSU team playing Duke in the NCAA Tournament and being amazed at how a guy that large could have such great footwork and use his body so dang well. When the Celtics drafted him in the 2nd round, I immediately adopted him as my favorite Celtic. Even with his antics and crying on the bench, Shrek was/is a heck of a player and if it wasn't for a Andrew Bynum over the back in game 6 in 2010, I think Celtics' fans would put him in the same category of Leon Powe with his bench performances in the Finals.

My favorite player on today's team is Marcus Smart. Sharing a first name with him made him a pretty easy choice, but honestly he won me over in college with the way he played so hard that no matter what jersey he wore in the NBA, I was going to respect him. There is a pretty good line recently of ​"Marcus's" with the Celtics, going from Banks to Smart to Thornton. Smart's game is just so likable and his passion is undeniable when he is on the floor, he will make things happen for the better. He is the ultimate Boston, bulldog, "Tommy Point" kind of player that I think Boston has a way of attaching to.

I also love Brad Stevens from a basketball IQ stance and think given the right combination of players, his offense he runs will be more than successful in the NBA.

I have only missed one Celtics game all season. They really are my main priority right now (college is great) and every night they're on they're number one before anything else.

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