Hawks' Paul Millsap thinks Celtics "are different"

It's one thing to get cheers or jeers from the general public. Still another from sports reporters or bloggers, many of which who have suffered through a history of a futility with romance.

But a compliment from your peers, especially from those who would count you among their enemies - well, that's something worth taking note of.

Ascending high above a predictable swarm of hatred from recently and temporarily-emboldened Hawks fans was a Hawk who brought earned appreciation for our motley crew after the Celtics unlikely 89-88 last-second victory.

Unfortunately, there is no safe assumption that the professional ballers of today are going to bring it on the court. Regardless of the reasons, the younger crew oftentimes seems to more seasoned veterans to not possess a killer instinct.

Unfortunate, because you can teach fundamental basketball skills, but you can't make somebody care.

Or can you? Whether Brad Stevens deserves the credit, he is presiding over an overachieving bunch of players who, if household names, are only so up to a few miles from their own residences.

This Celtics team is far from its destination of perpetual championship contention but, as with any long journey, it's always nice to know when you're headed in the right direction.

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