Green Envy: what miserable Knicks fans said - 2/25

The Celtics dominated tonight, and boy... Knicks fans are in the dumps right now. I was excited to see what exactly they had to say after we turned it on in the third quarter, their comments definitely did not disappoint.

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What if I told you I can't watch Knicks games anymore without being high as fuck? 30 for 30 on the 2014-15 Knicks

Gerald Wallace is still in the NBA?

Need more ball-in-hoopage from the Knicks and less ball-in-hoopage from the Celtics.

Play of the night (final assist notching ET's triple-double)

Knicks just let Evan Turner get a triple double. Yep, Knicks suck really bad.

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Is it the Draft Lottery yet??

Ready for my weekly punishment

tank time!

It's very comforting to know that after a very rough day I have these Knicks to look forward to.

As bad as you can perform in your daily activities you can always have comfort that the 2014-15 Knicks will play basketball worse

haha suck it bradley getting stripped by calderon? booo

never thought i'd say this but i like jason smith. I think its important that the team tries to keep him this summer

bad Knicks sign from 2k15... just started next season after signing dragic and draymond and drafting towns and herrell in the offseason. dragic (who i wasnt really going for) tore his acl 8 games into the season, calderon is now my starting pg. please dont let thuis happen in real life

I find myself saying "nah nah nah nah nah ..... wow" everytime Tim touches the ball

How dare Shved take #1, I’m still grieving

Bargs may be the slowest roller to the hoop in the NBA

really dont trust shved at any moment of any game

bargs better not play his way onto this fucking team man

Today I saw a headline saying "Knicks hope Bargs takes over as go-to scorer with Melo out" It made me literally laugh out loud. I’d love to see it happen.

fuck you, Avery Bradley. And you too, Is(a?)iah Thomas. That is all.

kinda forgot acy was on the team

Why is Shved bad again? I forget

Bargs is the captain now

Shows some emotion (Bargnani nods head twice and gives a high five)

When did Jerebko get here?

I'm really surprised the Mavs gave up Crowder. I thought he was a solid guy who can play 2 and the 3. I remember in college he played PF.

There's a lot of ppl on this Celtics team that I don't understand/remember how they got there

I don't even know half this team anymore. Forgot Gerald Wallace was still alive in the NBA.


Jeez, we're 1-12 from 3 and have the lead

"We have a lot of things worth playing for" Yeah, like Okafor. Or Towns. That sort of thing.

Knicks are battling though it’s nice to see mild competitiveness

Guys. It's Boston. The evil empire. You gotta win.

Lol Bargs is playing aggressive because of a fan heckling him

avery bradley going ham right now on defense

Early is the next Dr. J

If Shved was good at basketball he’d be dangerous.

aww we aint winning this one. Poo

this is going to get out of hand very quickly

Celtics up by 14 already. Time to pack it in, folks.

behold the awesome power of the tank

Calderon has been responsible for 75% of this run made by the Celtics

I turned this game on when it was 72-70

That was like 30 seconds ago.... Celtic s up by 20 now :(

Youre an asset to the tank. Great work out there.

There's apparently a fan there relentlessly heckling and shitting on Bargs which brought out his "aggressiveness"

Has the Knicks scored in 10 mins?

What about Bargs enabled him to be drafted 1st overall?

I wish this were taking place at home, cause the boos would be super duper loud

Fuck this, barrage of 3 balls is the last thing I’ll hear from this game. Out.

Why does everyone have a career night against us.

Wow Digusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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