Brad Stevens attends Butler game

As most of his team was kicking back on a warm tropical island, Celtics' coach Brad Stevens did what we figured he would do with his extended time off during the NBA all-star break, he attended a basketball game. The second-year coach spent his Monday night cheering on his old team, the Butler Bulldogs:

Stevens' former squad pulled off the victory Monday in dramatic fashion:

For a guy who eats, breathes, and sleeps the game of basketball it's not a shock that he isn't lounging on a beach somewhere, drinking a corona, checking out some babes with his shades on so his wife doesn't notice (that's my move).

His attendance on Monday is sure to spark up the rumors that Stevens, who is 45-88 during his tenure with the Celts, is itching to return to the college game, something he has denied in the past.

Stevens still has four-years remaining on a six-year deal with Boston.

Photo credit Charles Kruba/AP

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