Cup of Joe. Doc likes the rebuild.

Good morning! We here at CelticsLife are going to start a new daily week day morning column entitled 'Cup of Joe.' It will feature a few quick-hitters from the previous night; the important stuff, the not so important stuff. The weird, the wild, the in between. A nice, mindless morning column to start your day off with. So pull up a chair, grab your Morning Joe, and find out what happened last night while you were sleeping.

Doc complimentary of Ainge's rebuild

“I think they’ve done a masterful job with the way they’re doing it. Danny has put himself into a position to take the risk he wants to take at some point — to gather enough assets to go get that one guy that then gets the second guy that then gets the third guy. Eventually Danny’s going to get that one piece and then that second piece. But they’re set up to do it. Look at all the rebuilding teams, the Celtics are so far ahead of the game than everyone else, in my opinion, from what they’ve done.”
Source: NESN

"Now please buyout Tayshaun Prince," Rivers added (I kid, of course). There's plenty of ways to take this - Doc the GM has been pretty bad, recently opting to trade actual pieces for his son (who has been historically bad) as opposed to singing Nate Robinson (who has actually won playoff games), for free but I think he sums up the rebuild. Yes, rebuilding is hard, and takes some luck. But Danny has done a good job giving himself a whole lot of shots.

DeAndre Jordan distracted by 2Pac

Coming off an impressive performance against our Celtics where he was able to register 19 points, ... well, just look at the image to the right. Point is, you'd think he'd be thrilled to give a post game interview and discuss all the things he did so well.

Naw. After a few pauses, a noticeably distracted DeAndre confessed 'Sorry, I was listening to 2Pac.' Video of it can be found here.

Start Your Morning Off With: This Awesome on-court projected tribute to MLK by the Hawks

Full video of the tribute can be found on the Hawks' website. It's awesome. 

Vintage WTHHT: What the hell happened to Brett Szabo
authored by tb727

There's longshots to make it in the NBA. For every over-hyped bust that never lives up to his potential there's a guy who gives it his all and makes it. Out of nowhere. This week in the 100th article of What the Hell Happened To we remember a guy who exemplified this, Brett Szabo.

Brett was truly a guy who defied all odds. 28 year old rookies aren't a common thing in the NBA unless they were playing in Europe. Division 2 players are even more rare.

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