Green Envy: What Nuggets fans said - 1/24

With two teams in full tank mode, the Nuggets made the Celtics look like a legit basketball team. I will also note that Nuggets starting point guard Ty Lawson was a DNP because of a DUI he received the night before. Former Celtic, albeit brief, Jameer Nelson played really well looking like a legitimate NBA player. Evan Turner wilted at the free throw line down the stretch, which left just enough time for Jameer to brick a game winner. Let's see what Nuggets fans had to say last night:

Top Three:

1) Jameer is instantly a huge upgrade over NRob (RIP) already

2) Is Foye stoned or drunk? (Accompanied by this picture)

3) If I can work sick Ty can play hungover

Play of the Game: (Gerald Wallace's amazing 8 minutes on the floor)

I had almost forgotten that Gerald Wallace was still in the league.

The Full Slate:


Um... I don't know if anyone has noticed, but Nikola Vucevic is pretty good at basketball.


Dempsy reported on the radio this afternoon that the Nuggets were partying late at night before their early afternoon debacle at GS. This team has serious issues. Like not giving a damn about basketball issues.

He also said something like "the Nuggets have a lot of basketball players, but they don’t have many professionals."

I remember wanting Jared Sullinger...

Celtics remind me of Nuggets East

only with championships.

Jameer on Fiyah!

Jameer didn't get the tanking memo, apparently

Nelson is a streak shooter late in his career. Fools gold.

Randy foye: point god

Man Sullinger is good

Note: he is lining up against JJ.

It looks like we forgot to deflate the balls before the game.

Sounds like a library in there. No atmosphere whatsoever

Lol at Pressy trying to crawl under Darth's legs on the screen.

So Jameer Nelson is the biggest voice in the locker room Brian Shaw has had as Nuggets' coach? Interesting

I chose Jameer on my Draft Kings lineup.. looking good.


Trade everyone

our fast breaks have been shit all season

This is the best game Nelson will play from now to the end of his career.

I sometimes feel like Shaw sides with the refs more than he should

Nuggets D always looks so discombobulated

Really surprised Denver isn't blowing Boston out

Nuggets just getting beat down the floor

attendance seems...ok tonight: like a 3rd grade play

Brian Shaw has really good inbounds plays...

Hickson FTs to seal the game...

nugs are running out of gas from not playing yesterday.

lol damn Avery Bradley is pretty good


Hate that shot by Jameer. Not even looking to pass

Ugh. That was a sucky ending.

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