Rajon Rondo had breakfast with Kobe Bryant

Dime Magazine posted this picture of Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant having breakfast together at a Beacon Hill restaurant earlier this morning.

Of course the rumour mill fired up on all cylinders after the picture made its way onto the Internet.

Is Kobe recruiting Rondo to the Lakers?

Was Rondo teaching Kobe the ways of Connect Four?

Was there a secret meaning behind the Walking Dead season finale?

Adrian Wojnarowski did bring an interesting thought to the table on The Home Team morning show regarding the Lakers point guard spot:
I think this Lin is a one-year player with the Lakers. He’s a backup point guard in the NBA. He’s obviously be thrust into a bigger role because of who they have [on the Lakers roster], with the injuries and with Steve Nash being out for the year. You can see that Lin’s confidence is not there. There’s not a great chemistry between Kobe and Lin, that’s obvious.

But then again did anybody truly believe that Jeremy Lin would be the Lakers starting point guard of the future?

However, is it at all likely that Rondo ends up in a Laker uniform?

Definitely not through a trade seeing as Danny Ainge wouldn't be caught dead making a deal with the Lakers and the simple fact that the Lakers don't really have much to offer other than Julius Randle who will be coming off a broken right leg that ended his rookie campaign and some picks. There may be a possibility of a three team deal but that'll involve a lot of creativity from all parties.

How about free agency? Maybe, but big name free agents have been reluctant to sign with the Lakers as of late (see: Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony). Also Rondo appears to be embracing his role as the captain of this team and seems to bleed green too much to ever suit up in a Lakers uniform.

But let's be honest, Rondo & Kobe only met up to discuss how they are going to bring a title to my fantasy team, the Elevator Ernies.

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