Rajon Rondo is the worst free throw shooter in the NBA so far this year

Last night Rajon Rondo went 2-for-10 at the free throw line.

It's actually even worse then Rohrbach says.  A total of 360 players have made a free throw in the NBA this season (notice the italics on the "a").  Rondo's percentage ranks 356th.  Only Jason Thompson (2-for-8), Jason Maxiell (1-for-4), Elton Brand (1-for-4) and Thomas Robinson (1-for-6) are shooting worse.  The next-lowest player who's attempted as many free throws as Rondo is 345th-ranked Andre Drummond at 14-for-33 (42.4%).

This is a story today because Rondo went 0-for-3 at the line last night with two seconds remaining and the Celtics down by four.

But in his defense, Rondo missed the last one on purpose.

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