Three leftover observations from the Celtics opening night win

Dunk that Kelly!
Here are three things I noticed while at the game on Wednesday night:

1. Kelly Olynyk can not jump.  Like at all.  It's weird.  He led the team with 19 points, but if he ever went hard to the basket he might have put up 30.  He was constantly falling away from the rim while taking layups and short jumpers.

At one point in the third quarter he had a finger roll blocked by 6'9" Mirza Teletovic.  Olynyk is seven feet tall, why is he even shooting finger rolls?  If Olynyk was capable of pulling off Brandon Bass' "power dribble then go up strong off two feet for the jam" move he might be a star in this league already.

2. Evan Turner does not like to pass.  Ever.  One of the best things about the Celtics offense (and the reason they put up 101 points through three quarters) against Brooklyn was their ball movement.  But, whenever it ended up in Turner's hands it was like a black hole.  The box score says he had five assists, but I'm not sure that's possible.

Time and time again Turner dribbled the ball around looking to pull off something fancy when he should have gotten rid of it immediately.  There was one occasion when he dribbled behind his back twice on the same play before turning the ball over in the lane.  I can't imagine Brad Stevens will keep running Turner out there with the first team if he continues to do this.

3. Marcus Smart had four steals.  The entire Nets team had six.  Keep and eye on this going forward.  If Smart's minutes per game stay in the neighborhood of the 28 he got on Wednesday, he could very well lead the league in steals.

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