And Ones: Celtics philosophy, three-guard lineups, and Olynyk's blazing hot pre-game ritual

A few quick pre-lunch Celtics Twitter hits to get this Halloween moving in the right direction:

Play Like A Champion Today

Posted in the Celtics locker room are bit-sized pieces of the philosophy Brad Stevens is putting in place for the Celtics. Teamwork, effort, and stick to the way "WE" do things - pretty good things to remember while you're in the middle of rebuilding a franchise.

Getting Creative with the Lineup

Without a clearcut rim protector and more backcourt members than they know what to do with, the Celtics have completely embraced positionless basketball as a philosophy. Danny Ainge sees the potential in being somewhat unconventional.

Blow Out

During the rebuilding period, giant margin victories are few and far between. It might be a little while before the next one with a tough November right on the horizon.

Pre-Game Rituals

Congratulations to Kelly Olynyk on getting the start during the home opener. If it means we're getting this handshake on screen more often, then I am all for it.