Afternoon Delight: Rondo Needs A New Ride

Rajon Rondo can be pretty bold when driving through traffic in the NBA lane, but when it comes to navigating through the busy streets of Boston, he apparently prefers to be a little more discreet.  Last Wednesday, just prior to the Celtics' home opener against the Nets, RR9 was discovered, photographed and tweeted at Boston's MBTA subway by a fan and fellow commuter Moke akili Zion (@defective_child).

The tweet did not go unnoticed either as a Celtics reporter later quizzed Rondo about his commute.  This was the exchange according to Brian Robb of

Reporter: Did you ride the T to the game?
Rondo: No.
Reporter: There was a picture of you on the T.
Rondo: Oh, is that right? Then why did you ask me that question? You are giving away my transportation to the game man!

So with Rondo's secret uncovered, he'll now need to find a new mode of transportation to the TD.

It still bothers him, though, how he was discovered in spite of all the disguising he did.  A real headscratcher.  :-)

Rondo caught red-handed at the Orange Line by @defective_child

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