What do the Celtics overall ratings look like in NBA2K15?

In the last few days 2KSports has been dropping player’s overall ratings for NBA 2K15 and although it isn’t as much of an event as when EA Sports releases the Madden rankings, it’s still fun to see where this year's Boston Celtics rank overall. Supposedly they did a complete revamp of the ratings system this year, so we’ll have to wait and see what the full skill-set of these players look like when it gets closer to the October 7th release date.

But for now here is how this years Celtics squad stacks up:

  • Rajon Rondo - 87 Overall
  • Jeff Green - 78 Overall
  • Jared Sullinger - 78 Overall
  • Avery Bradley - 78 Overall
  • Marcus Smart - 76 Overall
  • Evan Turner - 76 Overall
  • Marcus Thornton - 76 Overall
  • Brandon Bass - 75 Overall
  • Kelly Olynyk - 74 Overall
  • Gerald Wallace - 74 Overall
  • Vitor Faverani - 72 Overall
  • Tyler Zeller - 70 Overall
  • Phil Pressey - 70 Overall
  • James Young  - 68 Overall
  • Joel Anthony - 66 Overall

My original thoughts are that not much has changed from last year as Rondo, Green and Bradley are all pretty close to last year’s rankings. There are a few players overrated here in my opinion though, mainly Bass, Wallace Vitor and you could talk me into Marcus Thornton. I’m fine with the rest of the rankings as constituted, however if I want to be a stickler I’d rank Sully higher than Green just based on their consistency.

Marcus Smart is up there with the cream of the crop from the 2014 Draft Class as Jabari Parker is ranked 78 overall, and both Andrew Wiggins and Joel Embiid are 77’s overall. Also not much of a surprise here that LeBron is the highest rated player at a 98 overall, Kevin Durant is the next closest guy at a 95 and our best rival Kobe Bryant is rated 89 overall.

You can check out the released ratings thus far on The Real 2K Insider, which does an awesome job releasing the latest NBA 2K news and roster info. I will note though that looking and judging the overall ratings can be flawed, especially for players that are so one-dimensional like Olynyk who is good offensively and atrocious on defense. That being said I think the ratings are pretty accurate since the roster is made up of mostly mid 70's players and the 2014 real life Boston Celtics is at best going to be a middle of the road team, unless some sort of trade comes down the pike.

What do you guys think of the rankings? Hit the comments to discuss.

Ratings courtesy of http://thereal2kinsider.blogspot.com/ 
Photo courtesy of @Ronnie2K

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