The Celtics are still going to make at least one more trade this offseason, right?

The start of training camp is now only two weeks away, and Boston has it's first preseason game in three weeks (October 6).  As of this moment, the are 21 names listed on the Celtics training camp roster (from

League rules dictate that they must get this number down to 20 for camp, and 15 by the start of the season.  Technically Boston can do all this just by cutting non-guaranteed contracts.  Keith Bogans' and his $5 million deal could be the first let go, but clearly Danny Ainge has been hanging on to his salary as potential/hopeful trade bait.

Chris Babb, Tim Frazier, Chris Johnson, Rodney McGruder and Christian Watford can all be released as well to get the roster to 15.  You'd have to think Ainge will try to figure something out that will allow the C's to keep Johnson though--he made great use of his time on the floor last year and is the kind of low-priced hustle guy you don't want to lose if you can help it.

On September 10 it became two months since the Celtics acquired Marcus Thornton and Tyler Zeller, meaning either of them could now be traded in a package deal of some sort.  The Evan Turner situation also remains in limbo; the terms of his contract still haven't been made official as the team appears to be looking to free up some money somewhere else first.

I wouldn't expect anything major, but it seems more than likely Ainge will make at least one more trade in the next couple weeks.

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