Rondo broke his hand while singing Luther Vandross

Since the news broke over the weekend, plenty have been skeptical about Rajon Rondo's 'slipping in the shower' story that resulted in him breaking his hand.

Finally, we get a little clarity. During an interview with Rich Shertenlieb of the Toucher & Rich program, Rajon Rondo explained that he fell when he was exiting the shower, while singing to Luther Vandross, of course.

Via 98.5 the Sports Hub
Rich Shertenlieb: Tell us about how you got your little friend right there... your sling.
Rajon Rondo: Late night singing in the shower, didn't go so well. Slipped.
Rich Shtenlieb: Which song were you singing
Rajon Rondo: 'If This World Was Mine.' Luther Vandross.

Case closed, gang. Makes total sense. We've all been there before. One minute your doing one thing - in this case, it's taking your fifth shower of the day - the next, you're gazing off to this beautiful, mental picture Luther Vandross' voice painted for you. Just you, on a jet pack fueled by passion, sailing through the galaxy, looking for the Cosmic key of love.

Oddly enough, the story does kind of match up. We do know from an SI profile on Rondo that he LOVES showers. Commonly taking five a day, with one lasting roughly forty-five minutes to really allow him to think.

We also know that Rajon Rondo LOVES roller skating. Like, really, really loves it.

Why is that relevant? Well, as our own Padraic O'Connor points out; guess who features roller skating in his video for the super-disco hit, 'Never Too Much.' Luther Vandross, of course.

Pretty easy to picture Rajon Rondo hearing 'Never Too Much' on the loudspeaker during one of his late night solo skates at Roller World, then proceeding to Roll Bounce his way down to the Square One Mall with just one simple request:

"I'll have all the Vandross you have" - Rajon Rondo, probably

So, yes, at first it was tough to believe that Rajon Rondo injured himself in the shower. You know what's tougher to believe? That a 28 year old all star point guard loves roller skating, Connect 4 and Luther Vandross. Yet both seem to be true.