Check out this hybrid Boston Celtics-New England Patriots logo from the Daily Snark

Football season has just started, and NBA news is fairly scarce, so the Daily Snark's artists decided to do some hybrid logos that cross a city's NBA team with its NFL team just for fun.

Some of them are pretty cool, but others are a bit of a stretch since several cities are paired that aren't even remotely close to each other (who thought it was a good idea to pair Pittsburgh with San Antonio?) But it's just purely for entertainment purposes, so no sense in trying to rationalize some pairings I suppose.

What do you think of the Celtics/Patriots logo? Which are your favorites and which are your least favorites? Is that Kobe in the hideous Raiders logo? Voice your opinions in the comments.

AFC East (Miami Dolphins/Miami Heat) (NY Jets/Brooklyn Nets) (New England Patriots/Boston Celtics) (Buffalo Bills/Toronto Raptors) 

 AFC West (San Diego Chargers / Los Angeles Clippers) (Denver Broncos / Denver Nuggets) (Kansas City Chiefs / Sacramento Kings) (Oakland Raiders / Los Angeles Lakers)

AFC South (Tennessee Titans / Memphis Grizzlies) (Houston Texans / Houston Rockets) (Indianapolis Colts / Indiana Pacers) (Jacksonville Jaguars / Utah Jazz) 

AFC North (Cleveland Browns / Cleveland Cavaliers) (Pittsburgh Steelers / San Antonio Spurs) (Baltimore Ravens / Baltimore Bullets) (Cincinnati Benglas / Portland Trailblazers)

NFC East (Philadelphia Eagles / Philadelphia 76ers) (Dallas Cowboys / Dallas Mavericks) (Washington Wizards / Washington Redskins) (New York Giants / New York Knicks) 

NFC North (Green Bay Packers / Milwaukee Bucks) (Detroit Lions / Detroit Pistons) (Minnesota Vikings / Minnesota Timberwolves) (Chicago Bears / Chicago Bulls) 

NFC West (Seattle Seahawks / Seattle Super Sonics) (St. Louis Rams / Oklahoma City Thunder) (San Francisco 49ers / Golden State Warriors) (Arizona Cardinals / Phoenix Suns) 

NFC South (Carolina Panthers / Charlotte Bobcats) (Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Orlando Magic) (Atlanta Falcons / Atlanta Hawks) (New Orleans Saints / New Orleans Pelicans)