Videos: Vitor Faverani rehabs his knee

If you are missing out on Vitor Faverani updates because you haven't installed the Vitor App, have no fear -- we will post some of his latest videos here.

Faverani, who suffered a season-ending knee injury and underwent surgery to repair his meniscus in March, is "working hard to be fit" and rehabbing "with the best physical trainers and physios," according to his most recent updates.

Vitor has posted several videos of his rehab, which include walking backwards on a treadmill and doing squats to Drake's "Started from the Bottom."

While the Celtics have yet to secure the often-discussed rim protector they desire through trade or free agency, Vitor demonstrated in limited appearances last season that he could be a good back-up option if he further developed his skills. Earlier this summer, ESPN's Chris Forsberg evaluated the rim protection ability of all Celtics bigs during the 2013-2014 season, and Vitor actually turned in the best performance (but there was limited data to go by):

How poor was Boston's rim protection? The NBA utilizes player tracking data to define "rim protection" as "the defender being within five feet of the basket and within five feet of the offensive player attempting the shot." Crunch the numbers for opponent field goal percentage for every player in the NBA that appeared in at least half (41) of their team's games and the first Celtics player doesn't appear until No. 116 in Kris Humphries, who limited opponents to 50.8 percent shooting near the rim.

Boston's other bigs? Jared Sullinger lands at 198th (53.9), Brandon Bass spots at 202nd (54.1), and Kelly Olynyk finished 257th (56.3). Rookie Vitor Faverani actually had the best number (46.1) over 37 appearances, which would have ranked him 31st overall (albeit in limited per-game reps).

Anyways, Vitor seems to be putting in work (and also getting in some play, since a "little party never kill nobody"), so hopefully he will have a full recovery from his surgery. Let's keep our fingers crossed that his knee will be back to 100% before training camp starts this fall. And just in case you can't get enough Vitor, click here to see all his recent videos and photos.