Ivan Johnson the type of player the Celtics need? Gets ejected from Summer League game, says "I gotta @%*! whoever is in front of me"

One of the last times we saw Ivan Johnson playing regularly in the NBA, he did this..

That's right. That is Mr. Johnson flipping off a Celtics fan after a Hawks Game 6 loss back in March of 2012. It was his rookie year, he was fined 25 grand, played one more year in the NBA and then disappeared.


Ivan Johnson is back with avengeance, and he is not a new man. He's the same old Ivan. He's the type of man who has to "f*ck whoever is in front of him". Excuse his language.

Video via: Basketball Insiders

For those that don't want to watch until the end of the video, Ivan Johnson is asked about his comeback and he says "I've got to kind of f*ck whoever is in front of me". That's the mentality every player in the NBA needs, according to Johnson.

He should know.

You can see Johnson's "fuck everyone" mentality in full force in a recent Summer League game. Steve Kerr may have thought he was all badass getting a technical in a Summer League game, but Mr. Johnson brings this to a whole new level.

Here he is getting ejected from a Summer League game for calling a ref a motherf*cker after being upset with a foul call. He says, "really mother f*cker?" to be specific.

Via: ProBasketballTalk

That's Johnson sitting on the ground under the basket.

So, is this the type of player the Celtics could use?

If we are gunning for a championship, probably not. If we are fans that want an entertaining albeit pointless season, then the answer is hell yes.

We already have the "tempermental" Rajon Rondo. We just drafted Marcus "I pushed a fan once" Smart. Add Ivan "I get ejected from Summer League games" Johnson to the mix?

You've got me tuned in for like 15 games at least before all our players getting ejected gets old.

Get it done, Danny!