Report: Celtics contacted free agents Gordon Hayward, Chandler Parsons and many, many others

From Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald:

The rumors regarding the Celtics interest in Hayward have been swirling for a long time.  Both Hayward and Parsons are restricted free agents, and are each considered to be among the top 10-15 players available.

The idea that Boston called 30 different guys after midnight last night sheds a little bit of light into what Danny Ainge is thinking: The Celtics have no set path they are leaning towards right now.  They are exploring all possible options and are interested in talking to anybody who might be interested in them.  For those freaking out at the idea of losing Rajon Rondo because they spoke with Isiah Thomas right away, that seems a lot less inevitable knowing they also expressed interest in 29 other players as well. 

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