James Young officially ruled out of summer league play

James Young, the #17 overall pick in this year's draft, will not play in any of the Celtics' Orlando Pro Summer League games.  After missing Boston's first two contests due to a minor car accident last month, today Danny Ainge said that Young will be held out of action for the remainder of the week long event.  Via ESPN Boston's Chris Forseberg, Ainge said:

He's still got symptoms from the car accident and he doesn't have enough time to learn the stuff, get himself in shape -- he hasn't played for 3 1/2 or 4 weeks, so we're just going to not rush it. He'll be fine in a couple weeks. Maybe a week. We were just hoping that he would be able to play this week, but he's just not ready and we're not rushing him. 
He had a little whiplash, but with whiplash comes concussion-like symptoms and dizziness here and there. We're just not messing with that stuff.

The Celtics do not consider Young's injures to be of any long-term concern.

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