Andrew Wiggins signs for 2 million guaranteed annually with Adidas

According to numerous sources including USA Today, ESPN and Slam Magazine Andrew Wiggins has signed a contract with Adidas that is worth at least 2 million dollars a season:
Sources with knowledge of the signing say the contract is a multiyear deal that comes with a guarantee of at least $2 million annually.

This is in stark contrast to what was being reported Wiggins shoe contract could potentially be worth last October. Also, from Slam:
When Andrew Wiggins makes the jump to the NBA, he’ll make one shoe company very happy (which will, in turn, make Wiggins a very rich, young man.) Wiggins’ sneaker deal could be worth as much as $180 million. Per ZagsBlog and Bleacher Report: “Nike, Under Armour and possibly even Li Ning are also expected to vie for Wiggins’ first sneaker deal next spring. ‘Andrew will force a three-team bidding,’ grassroots sneaker legend Sonny Vaccaro told in May. ‘Under Armour will be in there. There hasn’t been a three-team bidding in years, since I went to Reebok a long time ago.’ James signed a $90 million deal with Nike in May 2003 while Vaccaro was with Adidas. But at that point, only two companies were in the mix for his services. Vaccaro said Wiggins could be a modern-day equivalent. ‘I’m talking about LeBron-esque money, I mean that sincerely,’ he said. ‘I don’t how you can avoid it.’

Wiggins is a special talent but this development is also another example of a cautionary tale when comparing high school players to already established pros. I know it is a necessary shortcut for scouting purposes but it creates unfair expectations for 18 year old kids.

Furthermore, anyone who saw footage of LeBron in high school compared to footage of Wiggins knew this comparison was outlandish from the outset.

On a different note but along those lines, there's a great article in this week's Sports Illustrated about Harold "Baby Jordan" Miner and what he's been up to since his days removed from the NBA.

There's also a really interesting accompanying documentary piece that can be found here on

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