Marcus Smart: "Rondo's one of the greatest PGs to ever play this game"

Marcus Smart said all the right things in his post draft workout press conference on Friday including "Rondo's one of the greatest PGs to ever play this game." He also said backing up Rondo would be an honor and he would have no problem playing behind him in order to learn the position.

Some other notables about the press conference is Smart has a definite presence about him which is always a good attribute for a point guard. He also obviously is a competitor who loves playing basketball and will work to become as good as he can be.

The things I most like about Smart are his competitiveness, along with his willingness to get up in you as a defender and his ability to get to the rim and overpower weaker defenders in the post and on the glass.

The things I don't like about his game right now is people seem to over-attribute his offensive acumen.

He shot just 42% from the field and less than 30% from three last season so his jumpshot both mid-range and deep ball leave a lot to be desired.

Compare that to James Harden, whom scouts like to compare Smart, who shot 57% overall for his career at ASU including just under 38% from three.

Taking into consideration Smart had more talent surrounding him at OSU than Harden had at Arizona State this comparison is a pretty poor one.

Finally, because we have Rondo I really don't see the Celtics drafting Smart. That is unless Ainge is thinking about a complete roster overhaul and going with a youth movement in the next couple of years.

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