Kevin Love 'knew what he was doing' with Boston trip. Are other cities next?

Kevin Love called his recent visit to our fair city a chance to "check out what Boston is like."  But as Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix said yesterday, it was actually a lot more than that.  Here are some quotes from Mannix's interview on WEEI Tuesday:

I think that Kevin knew exactly what he was doing when he went to Boston. 
The guy just finished a long season, why wouldn’t he go home to Washington state or go back to Southern California to take a break? I think there was a reason for that trip. 
I think there's a subliminal message there. He's putting it right in Flip Saunders face. Look, Flip reacted to it somewhat negatively. 
I don't think they were entirely pleased with Kevin's trip to Boston, the fanfare that it received. I guess if he wanted to he kind of could've flown under the radar, but he was at moments pause taking pictures with people, showing up at Red Sox games, taking a picture with Rajon Rondo, bumping into Rajon Rondo in the stadium. What are the odds that was a coincidence?

Love without a doubt appears to be forcing the T-Wolves hand.  But the question is, does he really want to come to Boston, or was it just the first stop on his "I'm getting the hell out of Minnesota, where should I go next" national tour?  Maybe we'll see him in LA with Kobe this weekend, and then hanging out in San Francisco at a Giants game?  Who knows, after that he might stop by Phoenix on his way to Houston to go clubbing with Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt.

The point is, we can't really know how serious Love's interest is in Boston until we see what other cities he decides to "check out."

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