Eye on the Draft: Michigan State Shooting guard, Gary Harris

Today's Eye on the draft will focus on Michigan State shooting guard and 1st-Team All-Big 10 selection Gary Harris. Jalen Rose took some criticism recently for stating on a Bill Simmons podcast he would take Harris with the number 5 pick if he were the Utah Jazz.
Matter of fact, Jalen has liked Harris all year.
The Fab 5 legend even responded to a Tweet I made about a point he made about Harris prior to the much ballyhooed early season Michigan State vs. Kentucky game. Harris stepped up big in that game by the way with 20 points on 7-14 shooting and 5-6 from the line as MSU got the W.

Although, taking him at five for the Jazz or six for the Celtics I feel is a reach Jalen may be on to something.

As demonstrated in the UK game Harris is a gamer who is a tenacious defender with a very high basketball I.Q.

He also is a great spot up shooter. Scouts often reference that his shooting percentage from three went down from 41% his freshman year to 35% his sophomore year but that is a very misleading statistic.

Harris took over three more shots per game as a sophomore than he did his first year in East Lansing.

A player is obviously going to be taking more difficult shots when you have the best defender on the floor on you. Not to mention, Michigan State had some key injuries throughout the year which means Harris becomes an even more focal point of the defense in these games.

These variables will all contribute to a lower shooting percentage as well as having to be the guy to force up a shot when the shot clock is winding down.

That's the one incontrovertible thing to like about Harris is he can shoot the ball and there's always a place for spot up shooters in today's NBA.

The negatives as the Draft Express video illustrates are his size, somewhat limited athleticism and his mediocre slashing ability.

However, what people also need to remember is he has yet to turn even 20 years old. There's still a lot of room for him to develop his game as well as physically.

Even though I don't like Harris at six if he were to fall to the Celtics at 17 and Dario Saric is off the board it would be an absolute gift from the basketball gods for Celtic fans.

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