Report: Kings trying to trade for Josh Smith, possibly to set up move for Rajon Rondo

As we're prone to do on CelticsLife, we come up with trade ideas. One of my babies for months has been Rajon Rondo to Sacramento for the 8th pick, Ben McLemore and the rights to Isaiah Thomas (restricted free agent). The money works, Boston gets a great draft pick and two good young players. If the Celtics go the "blow it up" route -- this is the way to do it.

Plus SacTown gets a third All-Star to join DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay. So it's a win-win in some ways.

But the major issue has been this: would the Kings deal for Rondo when he might not re-sign with them? Obviously they don't want to sell the farm for one year of Rondo, so that made the deal unlikely.

Unless they could somehow convince Rondo to stay in NorCal for his next contract, something that would definitely be aided by acquiring Rondo's BFF, one Josh Smith. And the Kings are trying to do just that, according to Marc Stein.

So, to recap:

The Kings would take on Smith as a pure salary dump from Detroit, dealing off Thompson, Williams and maybe Terry for the three years left on J-Smoove's deal.

The acquisition of Smoove would then grease the skids for the Kings to make a move for Rondo with their assets (8th pick, McLemore, Thomas). Rondo then considers signing long term in SacTown because of Smith's presence.

Celtics go nuclear, have the following foundation:

6th pick
8th pick
17th pick
Two picks in 2015
Two in 2016
Right to swap with the Nets in 2017
Two in 2018

Then they pull off the Lakers trade from earlier today, and suddenly have all of the above guys plus the 7th pick in the draft. 6,7,8 and 17!

You think Philly has assets? Those are some assets.

Then of course you draft Joel Embiid, Marcus Smart, Aaron Gordon and T.J. Warren.


Plus a pick in 2015, two in 2016 and two in 2018.

Ok, I'm getting 67 steps ahead of myself. I don't care.

I've been saying this for months: it's time to pick a path. You either pick up a star and pair them with Rondo, or deal Rondo for max value before he hits free agency. It's one or the other.

This is clearly the latter, and it would give the Celtics three really nice assets in exchange for their best player. And if Ainge could somehow pry #7 away from the Lakers -- my god, the rebuild is in full swing.

For Sacramento, the deal gets them a franchise point guard, something they very much want to acquire to help out Cousins and Gay. And we get to see how that mix of talent works together, which should be fun (Petition for the 2014-15 Kings to have a reality show please).

So yea, it's going to be a lot of fun between now and the draft. Hold on to your butts.

Edit: Poll added. Would you do it?

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