Celtics attempting to acquire #1 pick from the Cavs

Ever since the news came out that Joel Embiid needed foot surgery, the Cavs have stepped up their attempts to trade the #1 pick. The Jazz are offering a package that includes Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, and the #5 pick. The Magic have offered Arron Afflalo and picks #4 and #12. That offer would be hard for the Celtics to beat, but at least Danny is trying.
A league source has told CSNNE.com that the Celtics have engaged the Cleveland Cavaliers about acquiring the No. 1 overall pick in Thursday's NBA draft.

While no deal is imminent, Boston's pursuit of the top overall pick speaks to their desire to indeed create "fireworks" in a draft that took a step back in terms of luster at the top following the navicular bone fracture to Joel Embiid's right foot.

If the Celtics were able to secure the top overall pick, they are expected to choose between Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, arguably the top two players in this draft although multiple sources indicate Boston would lean more towards Wiggins than Parker.

Trading for Andrew Wiggins has been by #1 pick for the direction the Celtics should go in this Summer. The Cavs are just dumb enough to not want him. In order to wet Cleveland's appetite the Celtics would need to entice them on the usual suspects Jared Sullinger, Jeff Green, and Kelly Olynyk. For what it's worth, Sully did play at Ohio State and is friendly with LeBron and the Cavs were interested in trading for Green prior to their Luol Deng trade (He's a free agent this Summer). Celtics would also need to take back the contract of Jarret Jack (+ more).

While I consider this trade a long shot (Magic's #4 pick is much better than the Celtics #6 pick due to the fact that the Cavs can just take Embiid at #4), it's still nice to hear Danny is pursuing it. And to be honest, pulling off a trade for the #1 pick is still easier than trading for Kevin Love. Personally I'd prefer the teenage super athlete on the rookie contract as well.

So how could Danny trump the Magic's trade offer? Well both picks #7 and #8 are readily available. If the Celtics acquired one (or both of those picks) and offered let's say #6, #8, Sullinger and Green for #1, Jack and contracts, that could get it done. Should be a wild next two days. Stay tuned.

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