Warriors on Love (allegedly): "We usually get our guy"

SFGate.com - The Bay Area is believed to be one of desired locations for Love, who reportedly has told Minnesota that he'll exercise his early-termination option and become a free agent in 2015 - a move that has forced the Timberwolves' decision-makers to start listening to trade proposals.

"You know we'll be aggressive," one Warriors source said, asking for anonymity because NBA brass isn't allowed to comment on players under contract with other teams. "We usually get our guy."

WhatWhatWhat WHAAAT?! Guys I get it. A few trips to the post season in the recent past, a few all-stars on your roster, cool nicknames for your fan favorites- you're riding high! But you usually get your guy?

They've landed SOME guys they've targeted, but I wouldn't say that usually happens. I'd say about 60% of the time, it works every time.

The Warriors were POSITIVE they were going to be able to lure Dwight Howard during the Dwightmare that they were willing to do anything just to get his contract on their books. No need for an extension to be signed, no promise that he'd re-up as a free agent after the season. They figured they could sell him on being the face of Northern California hoops. Is that even a thing?

What guy are they talking about exactly? David Lee? Andre Iguodala? Andrew Bogut? Yeah, all of those guys wound up on the Warriors and made for a really fun season, but I'd hardly say they won a lottery with any of those signings. Who was beating down the door for the right to pay David Lee's contract? Could this be about Steve Kerr? I'm baffled as shit as to whom they mean.

Which brings us to the Kevin Love situation. So the Warriors think the amazing lure of the rolling fog of San Francisco and super efficient Bay Area Rapid Transit system is enough to sway the most sought after man in the game? I doubt Kevin Love likes wine vineyard tours that much, bro. It's not happening.

No one knows where Kevin Love is going to end up, if anywhere before the season starts. Minne might be planning on waiting to see who offers what at the All-Star break, or they could look to assemble as many assets as possible before the draft and go H.A.M. on the most stacked draft in recent memory. Only our old buddy Flip Saunders knows for sure. I'm willing to bet Harrison Barnes and David Lee are enough to get it done.

But hey- swing for the fences, Warriors. Splash.