Reminder: Jared Sullinger is good at basketball

Or maybe I should have titled this "Don't worry about the draft because Danny Ainge drafted Jared Sullinger." Sullinger, who emerged as a cornerstone of the Celtics franchise during stage one of the rebuild, is one hell of a basketball player, and that's not just a theory in the city of Boston. Indiana's Roy Hibbert was asked about Jared Sullinger after playing Celtics in late 2013 and had this to say about the Celtics sophomore.

"He's just gotta keep working," Hibbert said. "He could be like the Kevin Love of the East. It's his second year. He got a back problem last year so it's gonna be a long process, but he could be a pretty good player in this league."

In a post Paul Pierce society no one is untradeable, but I have to think Sully is about as close as you can get to that.

Source (video): follow Braedenks on twitter

Source (quote): Dan Favale; Bleacher Report