LeBron James tried to recruit Doc Rivers to the Cavs

According to league sources (perhaps via Paul Pierce), Celtic Nation may have a new reason to hate the reigning MVP runner up. LeBron James, who some of you may know as a gigantic douche, apparently tried to recruit Doc Rivers to the Cleveland Cavaliers (before leaving his hometown team without any notice, devastating a loyal fan base, and greatly negatively impacting a city who desperately could use the money he brought them, so he could play w/ his buddies in Souf Beach):

via Chris Mannix

But Pierce and James will never work out together like James and Kevin Durant, or discuss teaming up when both hit free agency next summer. James's constant complaining irks Pierce, as does his belief, league sources say, that James once tried to recruit Doc Rivers to Cleveland when Rivers was coaching the Celtics.

On one hand, Paul Pierce has a point; LeBron James does have a tendency to complain a lot, and trying to suede Doc Rivers away from a championship team could certainly irk one of his players. On the other hand; an open palm, holding nothing.