Former Celtics assistant Tyronn Lue a potential candidate for Knicks head coach (along with Derek Fisher and Luke Walton)

Yesterday, Steve Kerr snubbed the New York Knicks by accepting the head coaching job with the Golden State Warriors, much to the dismay of Phil Jackson (and Knicks fans).

Phil Jackson has been reassembling some of his past players for the Knicks' roster, including Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown, and ESPN sources indicate that Jackson is now considering recruiting more of his former players as potential head coaches.

Among those reportedly being targeted for the job are former Celtics assistant coach Tyronn Lue, who is currently assisting Doc Rivers with the Los Angeles Clippers, and who played for Jackson's Lakers for two years. Other names brought up are Luke Walton, and Derek Fisher, should he retire after this season. Brian Shaw was also mentioned, but seems to have no interest in the position.

From ESPN:

Three candidates who will thus receive consideration from Jackson, sources said, are Luke Walton and Tyronn Lue -- former players under Jackson who have already begun their coaching careers -- as well as Oklahoma City Thunder guard Derek Fisher -- if Fisher elects to stop playing after this season as he has hinted.

Sources said Jackson also intends to explore whether the Denver Nuggets are in any way amenable to releasing Brian Shaw from his contract in exchange for some form of compensation. Shaw is a longtime Jackson favorite who, after missing out on numerous head-coaching jobs, just completed his first season with the Nuggets, posting a 36-46 record despite numerous injuries to front-line players.

But Shaw told the Denver Post on Thursday: "I'm not interested in doing anything other than what I'm doing right now."

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is pretty pissed off that Mark Jackson is currently not being considered for the Knicks job, not only because he got the Golden State Warriors to the playoffs two years in a row after 22 years, but also because he grew up in NYC, played college hoops for St. John's, and was Rookie of the Year for the Knicks, so Smith believes the city of New York will "embrace (him) wholeheartedly":

Anyways, Knicks fans are not very happy with the idea of Lue, Walton, or Fisher as potential coaches. Here are some tweets from Knicks fans (and other NBA fans) on the topic for your amusement.